July 9, 2010 – Spotlight: Treelines Young Man - NxEW

“…This album is summer listening at its finest. It opens with a song that just sounds right on Friday afternoons after escaping from work, class, or whatever your business be….This album is brief but fantastic. Lead singer Matt Lockhart belts out these summer anthems with a passion seldom heard in music today, and he’s not afraid to let his voice crack a time or two to get this music heard. Comparisons with the Weakerthans are well earned and well founded, I can’t say enough about how great the lyrics are.”

July 9, 2010 – LIVE review: Railway Club CD Release – BeatRoute Magazine

“Treelines were the evening’s main event, as they were celebrating the release of their new EP, Young Man. The Kelowna outfit is all about no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll, channeling the heartland spirit of John Cougar with a dose of whiskey-soaked Canadiana. With chunky grooves and muscular power chord riffage, Treelines and their fans both sweated buckets, causing singer Matt Lockhart to bring out a beach towel to mop it up.”

June 30, 2010 – Young Man - CHARTattack

“Treelines have solidified their lineup and are writing collaboratively (the debut was mainly penned by band founder Matt Lockhart) for this follow-up EP. The resulting six songs have a noticeably sharper edge. Even the one exception to their new harder-rock formula — the piano-led “Streetlights” — seems more mature and hints at a Weakerthans vibe.”

June 2010 – Treelines - Exclaim! Magazine

“From the woods of British Columbia has emerged Treelines, with the self-titled debut EP, which sounds as though it was a long time coming. Its solid consistency might come as a surprise, given the band’s relatively short time together, but the effort earns Matt Lockhart and friends an invitation to one day joining the good company of Canada’s many outstanding folk rock musicians…”

January 12, 2010 – Song of the Day: Canadian Airlines - CBC Radio 3

“This song is a little nugget of Kelowna gold…it says more about [Canada] in a mere three minutes than a three-hour throne speech ever could…”