We are incredibly excited to announce that our song Ghost Towns has been selected to be part of CBC Radio 3 host Grant Lawrence’s annual Summer Road Trip Mix Tape!  The whole mixtape is perfect for cruising to that beach destination this summer, and we highly encourage everyone to head over here and have a listen!

Hair-E-Oke is perhaps may just be the most fun cancer fundraiser you have ever been to.  Hosted at the Electric Owl, the first people through the doors at 8:00 receive a free beer generously donated from Phillips Brewery.  Then we will take to the stage followed by some brave volunteers cropping their locks for the cause.  Once the shears are sheathed the night turns into a karaoke party with Vancouver Is Awesome providing a photo booth for the whole thing!

Tickets are at the door for $5 with all of the money going to the Cancer Foundation.


To coincide with this event, on July 12th we will begin charging $1 for our song, “When I Get Grown” for a one month period.  The revenue from purchases will also be donated to beating down cancer.

The TREELINES ONLINE STORE; servicing all your t-shirt, tank top, and CD needs. We’ve got the new tank tops on there, get’em while they’re hot!

Also, HERE are a set of photos from Canada day, some take by us, some taken by friends, some taken by fellow twitterites. We’re going to start keeping albums of photos of us posted (not by us) on twitter etc, so keep’em coming!

Thanks so much for all the love and support on Canada Day, very nice to meet so many new people and so many (soon-to-be) great friends in the PPP.

If you haven’t yet, do yourself a kindness and go take a listen to our new pals:
Current Swell
Ashleigh Eymann
The Never Surprise
Jasper Sloan Yip
Redgy Blackout
Behind Sapphire
The Matinee
Lindsay Bryan
41st and Home
Fields of Green
Hilary Grist
The Belle Game
The Oh Wells
The Boom Booms
Acres of Lions
Sex With Strangers

Hey friends,

As you now know, we’re in the 2011 Peak Performance Project (from here on out referred to as the ‘PPP’), and as of July 1st, the process begins!

The whole PPP Top 20 gang will be playing during the Surrey Canada Day Celebration. Two stages, all day back to back action, featuring 20 of BC’s finest young artists – a group that we’re so proud to be included in.

The schedule for the day is as follows:
2:00 Current Swell – Stage 1
2:20 Lindsay Bryan – Stage 2
2:40 Ashleigh Eyemann – Stage 1
3:00 41st and Home– Stage 2
3:20 The Never Surprise – Stage 1
3:40 Fields of Green – Stage 2
4:00 Jasper Sloan Yip – Stage 1
4:20 Hilary Grist – Stage 2
4:40 Redgy Blackout – Stage 1
5:00 The Belle Game – Stage 2
5:20 Behind Sapphire – Stage 1
5:40 The oh Wells – Stage 2
6:00 Maurice – Stage 1
6:20 Avairis – Stage 2
6:40 Treelines – Stage 1
7:00 The Boom Booms – Stage 2
7:20 The Matinee – Stage 1
7:40 Acres of Lions – Stage 2
8:00 Rococode – Stage 1
8:20 Sex With Strangers – Stage 2

So grab some pals, a few lawn chairs, and the shortest shorts you can find. Lets get this summer started!

See you there!

PS – We’re recording 3 new tunes at the moment, can’t wait to share them with you all. In the mean time, here’s a little sneak peak into the studio!

So one of the biggest opportunities ever have just come our way! We have officially made the Peak Performance Project’s Top 20 Finalists.  What does this mean you might ask?  Well the winner gets $100,500 towards the advancement of their career!! It’s a game changer folks.

We’ll keep you tuned on our progress.  The competition will be running from now until September and we’ll be needing your help along the way.


- Treelines