Peak Bootcamp : Day #1

What a whirlwind of a day! Here’s a quick rundown.

8:00 am
Alexis from Sex With Strangers arrives at our house in scenic East Van to join us for the trip up to camp.

8:30 am
Finally get on the road, after a half hour of  last minute tooth-brushing, packing, and general disorganization.

9:00 am
Get as far as Burnaby, and have to make a pit stop at McDonalds so Mattlock can get his morning fix.

9:30 am
Actually get on the road. Straight cruisin’.

11:00 am
Drive past a strikingly handsome group of familiar young men stranded on the side of the road with a blown out tire. Pretty sure it’s Acres of Lions. We pull over, stop, and reverse sketchily along the shoulder of the mighty Trans-Canada back to the gang. A brief roadside hangout ensues. They assure us BCAA will be there to save the day shortly.

11:15 am
After a quick roadside pee break, we hit the road once again, Princeton bound.

12:00 pm
I awake from an uncomfortable, restless nap in the parking lot of a weird Princeton dollar store or something. We buy discount sunscreen to protect my weak ginger skin and Grant’s thousand tattoos, along with some sesame snaps to calm the raging appetites.

12:45 pm
WE FINALLY GET TO BOOTCAMP! We check in, have some delicious lunch, and load in our gear. We’re shown to our room, (inhabited by only the best of dudes) and settle in.

3:00 pm
After a couple hours of relaxing, swimming, and general hanging out in this man-made wonderland, we all filter into groups of 4 bands to do some pre-production on our Vancouver inspired tunes. Lucky for us, we get paired up with none other than the mighty Shawn Coleaka “Dr. Boss” at the producing helm, along with The Matinee, 41st & Home, and The Belle Game. Good tunes, good times.

8:00 pm
Following a delicious dinner and another swim, everyone met up for the annual faculty vs bands ball hockey game. Despite the valiant effort of the faculty, the bands reigned victorious for the 3rd year in a row. Our very own Matt Lockhart took on the role of coach for our side, and was compared to “a Spartan General”… among other things I’m sure. The game was a rager, both teams played hard, but in the end our side took it home.

Keep an eye out for the video of Matt’s impromptu “victory speech” hopefully coming within the next couple days.

The rest of the night was spent celebrating the victory by some night swimming, ping pong, foosball, and more relaxing out in the beautiful man-made outdoors.

view from our cabin
Our view of the lake from our cabin.

More updates to come!